Jomaxeli eröffnet am 25. Oktober früher als geplant in die Öffnungsphase von Jomaxeli 2.0!

Am 25. Oktober gibt es zudem viele erste Updates, zum Thema Herbst, Halloween und Co. Schau vorbei!

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J-Pad 2

J-Pad 2

Beitragvon Aino » 21. Sep 2012, 16:36

Love J-Pad users
Jomaxeli the J-Pad 2 is sent to the developer phase. In the near future you shall rejoice over the J-Pad 2 in the German version! The English version of the J-Pad takes longer because it in J-Pad the German version to find are more games that can be played only in the English version. You have to get even with the J-pad of the 1st Generation satisfied :(

However you Jomaxeli has not forgotten, because we want our first Games consuls put out in the English version and the German. In addition to all functions of the J-pads 2 are transmitted. So stay tuned!
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